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Level 3 Medication – Train The Trainer (Video)

Course Types: eLearning, Face to face (inc. video options), Train the Trainer (inc. video options)
Date: October 31
Location: Microsoft Teams

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Course Description
As a Health and Social Care worker, you will inevitably have an individual requiring medication. Knowing the ins and outs of administering medication is an essential asset. This highly informative course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to be confident in administering medication. The more you know about the drugs you are administering and their possible side effects, the better equipped you will handle any unforeseen situation that arises with an individual in your care. During this course, you will learn;
  • Understand what a drug is, what it is medication and why people take them
  • Consider the roles of people in the management of the medication process
  • Discuss the task of administration and the need for a person-centred approach
  • Understand the relevant law and best practice
  • Understand the 8 ‘rights’ supporting the administration of medication
  • Discuss common errors and issues relating to medication
  • Be aware of the valuable sources of support
This course is available as a half or full-day course. It comprises a mixture of engaging activities. Once the course is completed, you will be asked to complete a simple multiple-choice assessment. You will be given a certificate to acknowledge the passing of the course.

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