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Managing Behaviours that Challenge

Managing Behaviours that Challenge is a person-centred approach and is used to be described as ‘problem behaviour’ or ‘difficult behaviour’ or ‘socially unacceptable behaviour’. But in recent years, the term managing behaviours that challenge reflects the fact that some of the behaviours challenge workers, carers and parents.

There is always a reason for behaviours which challenge, and in many cases it's a way for a person to control what is going on around them.

It's important that health and social care workers have the right knowledge and skills to support these individuals. 

If you require training for managing behaviours, then please have a look at our managing behaviours that challenge courses under the course heading. 

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Training - Friendly, focused and engaging. An extremely effective trainer who makes it look effortless. She caters for all of her learners and can register the level she teaches to all individuals. Her stories and examples are extremely relevant and conducive towards learning while managing digression effectively.

I want to return to Curve Learning and she is a credit to your organisation. I don’t say this lightly as I have a lot of experience of sub-par service from trainers/providers spanning many years.

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