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Understanding Dementia

Learners will need to complete our training skills for trainers day before they attend any of our Train the Trainer course days. Please note that this is only compulsory if you have never attended one of our Train the Trainer course days before. You do not need to complete our training skills day if you have already attended.


There are many reasons why someone may develop Dementia. It is likely you will care for someone with Dementia at some point in your career as a health or social worker. This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to identify the signs of Dementia and to be confident in your work of care.   

There is a wide range of brain diseases that cause long-term problems with thinking and memory that fall under the umbrella term ‘Dementia’. Often, individuals experience a gradual decline which can affect their functioning in everyday life. Common symptoms include emotional and language problems and a decrease in motivation.  

You will be given detailed training on how to care for the personal needs of those living with Dementia, how to cope with unusual or difficult behaviour and how to support them with an individual, person centred and dignified approach.


During the session, you'll cover:
Demonstrate an understanding of Dementia
List the different types of Dementia
Understand the importance of communication between carer and client
Demonstrate an understanding of how to deal with unusual behaviour
Explain best practice when caring for a client with Dementia.


This full or half-day course comprises an engaging mix of activities with fellow learners (maximum fifteen delegates). You’ll be asked to complete a simple multiple-choice assessment after you take the course. You will receive a certificate once you have passed the assessment.


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Training - Friendly, focused and engaging. An extremely effective trainer who makes it look effortless. She caters for all of her learners and can register the level she teaches to all individuals. Her stories and examples are extremely relevant and conducive towards learning while managing digression effectively.

I want to return to Curve Learning and she is a credit to your organisation. I don’t say this lightly as I have a lot of experience of sub-par service from trainers/providers spanning many years.

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