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Pressure Area Care

This course is aimed at health and social care workers and looks at identifying the early signs of pressure sores to prevent them from progressing.

Who should attend:

All staff should be aware of the methods in place for prevention and details of the care required once a sore has developed.

The course will include:

  • Knowledge of what a pressure sore is and how it is caused
  • Indications to the extent of pressure sore problems within the UK
  • Identifying pressure areas on the body
  • How to identify the risks of pressure sores developing
  • Knowledge on the 4 grades of pressure sores
  • Definition of duty of care
  • Knowledge of the functions and characteristics of skin
  • Promoting individuals well-being

Course duration and assessment:

This training course is available in a full day or half day format, both conclude with a written assessment of knowledge and successful candidates will receive a certificate of successful completion and achievement.

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